The Process

The journey that your granite countertop takes to get to your kitchen and bath is a very long and labor intensive road. This page will give you an idea of the many steps that are required to transform a deposit of stone in the earth to a stunning countertop in your home.

From the Quarry to your Home


  granite-quarry-1   granite-quarry-2  

Large blocks of granite are quarried from deep in the ground or from the side of a mountain.  These quarries are located all over the world in countries such as India, Brazil, China, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Finland.  We import our stone directly from these countries.


Dynamite and huge diamond saws are used to cut the blocks from the quarry.  

  granite-quarry-3   Sawblock2  

Blocks are transported from the quarry to the factory by truck or rail.  Some blocks weigh as much as 25 tons!


At the processing factories, blocks are cut into slabs by this huge diamond saw, much like a giant bread slicer.  It can take an entire day to cut one block.

  granite-quarry-5   granite-quarry-6  

Here is the block cut into slabs.  A Block will yield approximately 45 to 50 - 1-1/4" slabs.


Each slab is then sanded, polished and resined to bring out its unique color and pattern.  Resining the slab helps to fill small natural pits and fissures in the slab and helps give the slab a smooth, mirror-like finish.  Resining also helps make the slab less porous.  Finished slabs are then packaged and shipped in shipping containers by ocean, rail and truck to our warehouse in Nashville.

  granite-showroom-1   granite-showroom-2  

Once the slabs arrive in our warehouse in Nashville, we carefully inspect each slab before putting them on display in our slab warehouse.  Customers will  come by our indoor warehouse of granite slabs to pick out their stone.  We have over $1,000,000 of granite slab inventory in stock from all around the world for you to choose from.


We will help you pick out the perfect stone for your project.

  granite-installation-1   Slabsmith  

A Granite Warehouse templater will come to your home to template your countertops.  We template all our countertops using state-of-the-art digital templating machines that are faster and much more accurate than traditional templating by hand.


A digital template is created using your actual slab.  This is important to gauge color and vein matching.

  granite-fabrication-1   granite-countertops-1600x900-high-resolution-image-home-design-ideas-granite-countertops-floq_org-418x250  

After cutting and shaping your countertop using our state-of-the-art machinery, your countertop is hand finished and double checked to make sure all parts look great and fit perfectly.


Your countertop is then installed in your home by our skilled installers transforming your countertops into a one-of-a-kind "work of art"!



We would love to give you a tour of our advanced granite and natural stone facility. Please visit our showroom in Nashville and discover why Granite Warehouse is the best!

We look forward to meeting you and designing the project of your dreams!